The challenge of corporate culture: Start small but get started!

How agile teams can quickly and sustainably change the work culture of an entire company – pragmatically and effectively.   CENTRAL THESES: 1) Corporate culture is the new corporate capital

SPECIAL: law firms and employer branding – why the employer brand is important for your success.

  The „War for Talents“ Throughout a research and evaluation of job descriptions, we have found that, with the exception of a considerable range of starting salaries, there are hardly

The new paradigm of corporate culture

Continuity and Transformation / The new paradigm of corporate culture / The impact of Larry Fink’s alert on the future of company management /   „A sense of purpose“ –

Customer Relationships in the Digital Age

How digital transformation also affects and changes traditional customer relationships The digitalization of business is in full swing. Even if your B2B enterprise does not contain any e-commerce components, and

New book: Professional service firm as a successful brand

Stephanie Hartung latest book ” The law firm as a successful brand ” is published by Springer Gabler. The book shows why firms , who see and manage themselves as