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17 April 2018
The challenge of corporate culture: Start small but get started!
14 August 2018

SPECIAL: law firms and employer branding – why the employer brand is important for your success.


The „War for Talents“

Throughout a research and evaluation of job descriptions, we have found that, with the exception of a considerable range of starting salaries, there are hardly any differentiating factors in the external presentation.

From the candidates’ point of view, the law firms appear “almost interchangeable”. This is surprising given the importance of recruiting new talent in this industry.

For any law firm, however, it is crucial to attract the right talents.

brandrelation consulting develops approaches on how to develop a differentiating and relevant employer branding program conceptually and implement it accordingly.


What are your success factors?

The good news first
A limited budget is generally not bad – if this goes hand in hand with the focus of employer branding activities and the firm’s brand and communication.

Their brand-typical interpretation of values sets them apart from the competition.

Not all applicants are equal. Do you credibly address employee-relevant content tailored to the respective applicant group?

Discipline and consistency
The employer brand must be based on the firm brand.


Steffen Kahl

Senior Experte für markenzentrierte Unternehmensführung / BWL-Studium / Board Director Leo Burnett, London / Geschäftsführer Landor Associates / 25+ Jahre Markenmanagement