Brand check: a pragmatic management tool checking the status quo of your brandrelation

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Brand check: a pragmatic management tool checking the status quo of your brandrelation

The result of the brand check allows you to define specific needs for future brand management and brand planning. Eight different modules provides you essential and focused insights that serve as a basis to control your brand.

_ Brand Positioning – Sample: brand image among customers and employees.

_ Brand Architecture – investigate optimization potential of existing brand portfolio.

_ Merger & Acquisition – use of the brand as a catalytic force in corporate mergers.

_ Brand and Customer – analysis of the brand related to customer loyalty and customer acquisition.

_ Employer Branding – Status quo of the company as an employer brand.

_ Internal Brand Engagement – Are your employees brand ambassadors?

_ Brand & Sales – optimizing sales performance utilizing your brand.

_ Branding – Relevant differentiation through corporate-design, -imagery and -language.

The brand check modules are the result of decades of expertise of our management team.



_ selected analysis: advice presented by one of our a managing partners.

_ presentation: strategic recommendation

_ workshop: convert recommendations into action steps.


All brand check modules are stand alone compnents charged at a fixed fee.

Want to learn more about the individual modules? Call us, or send us an e-mail.


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